Moving Into University: The Ultimate Room-By-Room Checklist

Getting accepted into university is a massive milestone in a person’s life and is definitely a life-changing experience so it’s only normal that you would want to prepare for it. A big change and something you might need to readjust to the most is moving out of your parents’ house and starting an independent life. No matter how much you’ve taken part in daily chores when you were back home, moving out completely on your own can be rather challenging and that is why all parents try to prepare their children for what’s to come and equip them with all the necessities. 

Property experts from online estate agent House Sales Direct have gathered some of the key items which you should pack prior to moving into a student accommodation. These will help make your transition from living at home to living on your own seamless and as hassle-free as possible. In order to simplify this for you, we have categorised the items you’ll need based on the room they normally belong to. 

Bathroom Essentials

Something you absolutely cannot go without are your bathroom essentials. Taking care of your hygiene is something a lot of students neglect, which is why it’s always a mess in university accommodations, but you don’t have to blend in with them. 

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste – leaving without these and hoping to do some shopping before the day is over is an optimistic approach. We would recommend bringing your own toothbrush and a little bit of toothpaste with you so that you can be secure in the first few days even if you don’t make it to the shop. 
  • Flip-Flops – you never know how well a bathroom has been cleaned after the previous tenant so ensuring you have something to separate you from the bathroom floor is definitely a good shout.
  • Essentials kit – making sure you have enough toiletries to last you for the first few days or weeks is always a good idea. Bringing along a small bottle of shampoo and a couple of rolls of toilet paper can turn out to be rather useful. Just be mindful to not overpack your bags with unnecessary things!
  • Nail Grooming – this is something a lot of people end up forgetting so make sure you bring your nail grooming kit with you unless you want your hands and feet to turn into claws. 

Bedroom Essentials

The bedroom is a very important room which you’d want to make as cosy as possible, and it will likely be the one which reminds you of home the most. 

  • Bed linen – either bring some bed linen from home or alternatively treat yourself to a new set. Anything from the mattress protector to bed sheets and pillows are just some of the bed linen essentials that you’ll need. You could even throw in some cushions and blankets for extra comfort as well. 
  • Drying Rack – don’t make the mistake of hanging clothes around the room and on top of radiators. In fact, that is a huge fire hazard and that’s why bringing a drying rack with you is a good idea. 
  • Laundry Bag – in some cases you might not have a private washing machine and you might be sharing with a bunch of people. Having said that, it means that the laundry room could potentially be further away from your room which is why having a laundry basket is a must. You certainly don’t want to be carrying dirty clothes and underwear through the accommodation halls without one. 

Kitchen Essentials

Now these are things you may be a bit more unfamiliar with and it could be harder to know what you’ll need the most without having cooked much for yourself. However, there are a few things which are a must and will ensure you have whatever you need most of the time.

  • Cutlery – getting a set of a couple forks, spoons and knives is a must. Don’t bring too many though because the possibility you’ll be hosting dinner parties for more than 3 people is unlikely.
  • Plates and bowls – two of each would be more than sufficient.
  • Glasses and mugs – similar to the previous two, try not to overdo it and just bring a couple of your favourite ones. 
  • Pans and pots – everything in the kitchen seems to be one or two of each and the same goes for pans and pots. 
  • Chopping Board – you don’t want to be chopping on kitchen surfaces and then being charged for damaging it so bringing a convenient chopping board is vital. 
  • Oven gloves – even though this may sound like a privilege rather than a necessity, we can assure you this is not true. Speaking from experience, many students end up using any piece of clothing they can grab for this purpose. Instead of ruining your clothes, it’s easy to just bring along some oven mitts. 

Moving into student accommodation doesn’t have to be stressful and you can prepare for it by planning in advance. Thinking about what you’ll need and not leaving it until the last moment will ensure you have a seamless experience and transition to independent living. 

This article was written by an online estate agent House Sales Direct. If you wish to sell house fast and for free, then head over to the House Sales Direct website for more property related information and enquiries.   


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